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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do any countries in the world, able to reach welfare for their people through the current financial systems?

The economic and a brittle financial system

The area of land that we can name it a state, has some conditions: First of all, A Territory area for their people stays on, secondly, the populace of citizen as beneficiary owner of the country, and the third, the government who arranges national life continuity and got recognition of other countries.

God is righteousness; there are no country in the world, not need each other. Those Countries which have fully natural resources still need the other countries which have a high-tech technology, conversely, those countries which have a high-tech technology, still need support from the other counties which have a many kind of natural resources, including the Human resources. That we can say, each country in the world, need another countries to support them.

Not any governments of state who do not want their people can reach welfare and prosperity, that’s why, many kind of economic system has been formed, with many kind beliefs, capitalism, and socialism and so on. Those systems have been formed for their country and their people welfare & prosperity.

However, in line with the progress of time, we found the current economic systems prove us that it is a brittle monetary system. The Superpower Countries did not proof from the continuously economy crisis, even less for the developing countries or the third world countries. What happened with our current monetary systems?

Money and the Monetary System

Money is one of a tremendous human culture product that makes their life easier, especially to make transaction one another. Before it, they used the barter system and so many difficulties they found. Cap it all, they used money as a legitimate exchange instrument for all their transactions.

Money is present only to human being. Animals and Plants on earth are not using money and the monetary system. So, the existing of money and its system, in no case, make a human being become lower than animals or plants.

Each Country has its own currency and the monetary system. For a wonder, why a conversion rate of these currencies can be available, so we can found the exchange rate. Not to mention about the monetary system. In what basis, a state allows to circulate of money. How much? What kind of objects we use them as a reference? How many population they have? How big their territory area? How about their people abilities? how about their technology? Or using how rich they are, as a reference?

We can provide some economic and financial opinions or theories here. However, the point is, can they provide a fully welfare condition for their people? In fact, we found the different things, the history told us, some nations want to snatch and swallow the other nations, wars and colonialism have proved us that their monetary system incapable of going along way. That’s why; they decided to enlarge their territory area to provide more resources.

We should not go back to the infamy wars era and colonialism, just for reach welfare for their people, because in fact, too many misery they got. In consequence, we have to back to the Amanat that God has already gave us His bless, Asset and Resources, so people can live side by side in harmony and get benefit from these blesses, in equal basis, to give back thankfulness to God, The Creator of All.

UTAnIU as a Responsibility Delegation of Trusteeship, in these time & moment, to take a role to re-arrange all nations economic system, and make them establish without using the highest power, till the aim, passion and vision of the state Government everywhere they are, to reach welfare for their people in their territory, can be done in peace.